Laptops for Ladies (1161875) is a UK based charity providing laptops for women in Sri Lanka for educational purposes. The laptops are sourced specifically for women who come from the Tea Estates in Sri Lanka.

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Our Mission

Laptops for Ladies is a charity that aims to utilise laptops as tools to empower young women in Sri Lanka.

We understand that it isn't easy for many young women in Sri Lanka to continue their studies. Poverty and tradition may take take their lives in a completely different direction. However we strongly believe that by giving these women the freedom to study whenever and wherever they like, they can take control of this direction.

Some girls may not want to follow the same lives as their relatives and in association with the Upcountry Education Development Society, we will continue to carefully select the young women who will truly benefit from breaking away from the cycle. We believe that this will include those who have a thirst for self development, the motivation to leave the cycle and the curiosity for something new.

It is remarkable what differences can be made through the use of a laptop. They are our current future, and development has been hugely aided through the use of the internet. It is this which we believe will be an invaluable asset that will change the lives of Sri Lankan ladies: an opportunity.

Regular updates will continue to be posted, so keep an eye out for the progress that is being made and become a part of this new project!

Any feedback would be hugely appreciated to help us to improve our mission to make a difference and change a life.


Founder of the charity, Poppy Royal, made the decision to track down her biological family. On this journey she met her biological sister for the first time in almost 20 years

In the youtube video you can see the reunion that was captured on Sri Lankan television in 2013

On her latest visit back to Sri Lanka Poppy bought with her a spare laptop that had been lying around the house. Poppy had previously learned that her sister had been struggling to juggle both computer school and language school, as the cost of both was too high. Earning the equivalent of £2.50 as a tea packer in a factory day made this dream a very distant prospect

Now her sister has a laptop, she has been provided with the tools and the opportunity to self educate and it was the effect that this has had on her life that set this mission off.

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Our Cause

Empowering Women in Sri Lanka through the donation of used laptops for educational purposes.

to provide the tools for the sustainable eradication of poverty

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Laptops for Ladies

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